Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Surprises in the Food

I made the chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago and they were a big hit and I mixed up a double batch to make into a cake today. It was so thick I added a half cup of water. We had talked about how much they tasted like Snackin' Cake... so I decided to try it out. I think the 4 cups of chocolate chips were too much. If there can be too much. But it's another FAT FREE RECIPE!! I put an ad on the bottom of the blog for Funwithfoodstorage.net, check it out! There are more too... I am interested in trying the Twinkies... that involves yellow squash! Next time someone gives you a squash you'll know what to do. They even sell this stuff canned. And you're eating your veggies!! Gotta keep this small. Don't want to let the word get out too big! If this gets back to the kids my secret will be out!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Any art that involves FIRE is welcome at Pyromania, a local arts project that offers lots of free stuff. If you live in a place that offers a Pyromania, ours is terrific. They raffle chances to make glass beads,

everyone makes glass tiles, cuttlebone casting (make your own necklace), and clay work for free. You can observe live pot throwing, bronze casting, building a kiln, blacksmithing with wrought iron... and buy some of the offerings as well. It's a lot of fun and gets everyone Fired Up about Art!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flower Show

We had a very busy weekend. Among the other items on the agenda we went to Pyromania which was next to the Flower Show. A friend treated me to admission so I had to go. What a wonderful gift! I haven't been before but it was truly fantastic. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for taking pictures of flowers. Always have been since my first 126mm camera. I've gone through a lot of cameras since then but I have really enjoyed taking and giving away my pictures. Here are a few of the 200 I took! Kind of randomly chosen too, they were all spectacular. The grape looking ones really were interesting... little balloon flowers... and of course the orchids were incredible... I just love them. A great outing you may be surprised how much you enjoy!