Monday, October 13, 2008

Hope, Worry and Faith

This has been on my desk for a while, I think I may have to cross stitch it! Thought I would share it with you.

*Hope* is the anticipation that the outcome will be good.
*Worry* is the anticipation that the outcome will be bad.
*Faith* is the anticipation that, whatever the outcome, it will be for our good.

These are good to remember during times of stress and trials, hurricanes and challenges. We should prepare for problems as best we can, spiritually, physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. After that it's either hope, worry or faith.

It's good we get chances to see how we rate on the scale so we can reevaluate. If you worried all through the last hurricane or windstorm, you may want to evaluate what you can do to adjust your attitude so you have the peace of mind and faith to "weather" the storm as we should, in faith.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

List Queen

I got called the List Queen today. I am so proud!! :)

I can give you a list on what not to do when hiring a contractor. Dh is making me crazy. Not a new thing! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

The babies are growing up... or My Parents Get Revenge

As moms, we worry. It starts when we get the blue bar on the pregnancy test. It never ends. I was thinking about this the other day when I realized I was missing all of the activities I used to enjoy because I am driving my children all over town for stuff and taking care of their activities. I thought when the kids got bigger I would have more freedom... I do, but it's different...

When the baby is new you don't want to leave them.
When the baby is fussy you want to leave them but can't without paying through the nose and worrying all the time.
WHen the baby gets older it's worth the money to get a break.
When the baby is in school you have to deal with separation anxiety (worry while they're gone) then tension (they are back with 4 hours of homework, what the heck did they do for 8 hours at school anyway?)
When the baby is in middle school you finally feel confident to leave them home alone. Burning the house down was never the issue but the questionable character of neighbors you don't know... their safety. This is a wonderful time and you should appreciate it more than you will LOL!!
THen the baby is a teenager and has a girlfriend/boyfriend. They need more supervision now than the last three to five years. Your sleeping through the night is over. You have traded it for worries that they will get in over their heads and you'll be a grandma. That you are being too strict and too lenient in the wrong ways. That your adherence to the rules that keep you sane will drive them out of the house too early. That your tolerance for their bad habits will make them never want to leave.

Go figure! Add to all that the emotions and PMS and hormone imbalances and our own lives, problems and responsibilities.... it's a wonder we don't crumble from the pressure. Just remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am gonna armwrestle Arnold Schwartzeneger when this is over. I think I can take him!