Thursday, March 3, 2011


SO at church we're discussing heroes, and asking the kids to be Scripture Heroes and find something they have learned from reading their scriptures and share it with the Primary. It's been super and the kids love it! We are also asking them to find a scripture hero. I had to make a list then pick because there are just so many. I finally chose Daniel, who works for me in lots of great ways. Daniel was awesome. And we actually have some things in common, which make me really like him. (DH would probably pick Elisha. He was bald too, and there are some great stories.) Anyway, pick your scripture hero! And read and learn more about them and you will be amazed how much it helps you to know there is someone you can try to emulate or learn from.
SO the hero thing also applies to our missionaries who are serving all over the world, and there is a map up to chart where they are and place to put their letters and stories.
There was also a great lesson about avoiding trouble. Superman can't deal with kryptonite. He has to stay away from it. Just like we should stay away from temptation. Be a hero and stay away from trouble!!

Would love to hear if you choose a hero and what you're learning. :)

What cha been up to??

Yes Virginia there is a blogger still alive over here. I just have a life too! And a full time job and I spend a lot of time at the law office too. And I just got called to be the Primary Chorister, 3rd hardest job a woman can have in our church. I know because I have had all the easier ones and one harder one. If you do it right it's seriously time consuming and labor intensive and takes vast amounts of spiritual and temporal preparation.
Isn't everything though? If you do it right....
Like my favorite holiday reminds me, some things take time. And how we spend our time can really help us understand what's really important. Okay it's Ground Hog Day in case you didn't know, and of course we make Ground Hog Stew and watch the movie. It's wonderful and I love the lesson of spending time...
So I am about to have a little chat with one of my children about spending time wisely. Because parents have to do that if they want productive children and their children are not naturally overachievers. (Waiting for one of those.)
I wonder if we really kept track and pie charted our time what it would look like?? I found one online and it showed average Americans spend 54% of leisure time watching TV. So I am ahead already. What have I been doing with all that extra time?? I sure haven't been scrubbing my bathtub.
SO I am going to keep track for a week and average it for a pie chart. I had better get busy doing good things huh?!