Friday, November 6, 2009

Library List

This post is about biographies. When I look back at my library use, it's actually been kind of systematic at times, sometimes just random learning. I went through a phase of biographies one time where I read about the lives of people that were fascinating. Maria Von Trapp and Sir Lawrence Olivier were two that stand out in my memory. Sometimes you are pretty limited to the selections on the shelves but you may be amazed what you learn from people. The autobiographies are best. You get more of the "attitude" when you read their writing, feelings come out better and they're just more interesting.
Take a look online or at your local library. Read about the life of a great person. Read about the life of someone who lived in a different time or place.
Think about someone famous you admire... they've probably either been written about or have told their own stories. Reader's Digest did a huge series of condensed books on people, 4 to a book, sometimes more, of varied people from music legends to political figures to inventors and innovators. Before the end of the year you should be able to put your feet in someone else's shoes and enjoy the walk!