Thursday, March 6, 2008

Veggie Translator

Lists, as I have said, run my life, and I love to read and gather knowledge, you never know when you or someone else will need to know something. It is the joy of my life to know I have helped someone!!

Here is a funny list to start things off. It changes every now and then but here is our VeggieTranslator. It is designed so that when I ask my dh what vegetable he would like with dinner, I know what he is asking for.

Veggie Translator

I don't know = Corn
Whatever you want = Green beans
I don't care = cauliflower
You pick = peas
It doesn't matter = brussells sprouts
no answer = Broccoli

We keep it on side of the fridge and just glance around to figure out what it is. If I want to cook something else, I don't ask LOL!!

Lists and Ideas for People who Can't Think

Sometimes we are so close to the action it is hard to make plans and see the big picture. It is important for everyone to be able to have some time to reflect and plan for the future, to see the end result they are working for. However, in our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to carve out the "space" to do that. This is why we make lists. I make lists for what do do tomorrow (because in the morning I will totally forget!) and what my kids can do with their time and chores I need my hubby to do.
If I am in the middle of planning an event, I lose perspective sometimes... but it's easy for me to help other people with their ideas, whether decorating, food, curriculum.. whatever, because I am not immersed in the logistics of it all. So I thought maybe I would be able to share some lists, and ideas, with other people who are interested in playing nice, raising a family right, and having joy in their old age.