Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OK it's been a LONG time since I got to this blog. Sorry. I have been working on food storage questions. There have been lots of people asking about it and I have been getting my information together. I think what gets me the most excited about this is that the economy being in the dumps has made people realize they need to get thinking more intelligently about storing and using food, and money. Second most exciting thing is that I realized the expiration dates on this stuff is sooner than I thought: One of those "Objects in mirror closer than they appear" moments. We've been thinking about getting more food storage but I want to do this intelligently. I want to buy beans, but then we have to EAT them! So instead of buying 200 cans of beans I bought some at the store. I bought some sneaky stuff too. Red Beans and Rice is pretty simple to figure out... but no dice. I even got white beans and rice mix thinking they'd never see those beans in there. I even added hamburger. Nope. I can't even get them to eat the garbanzo beans in the salad. Is there hope for us? I just found out about a recipe for chocolate cake with beans in it. I think it just might work....You puree beans and add cup for cup instead of the oil in any recipe. Nice huh! I'll let you know!